94560 Combination Conservation Vent and Flame Arrester (2"- 4" Sizes)

94560 Combination Conservation Vent and Flame Arrester (2"- 4" Sizes)
  • Available with Expanda-Seal™ Option

  • Unitized tube bank design, FM Approved

  • Maximum protection and efficiency with minimum pressure drop

  • Weight loaded for both vacuum and pressure venting

  • Attached with quick release bolts and hinge

  • Wide range of standard construction materials available

The Shand & Jurs Model 94560 Combination Valve and Flame Arrester design provides for maximum flow capacity, minimum leakage and a positive flame stop on low pressure tanks containing flammable liquids or solvents having low flash points. This single piece of equipment provides pressure/vacuum venting and a flame arrester. Only one installation is required for both the venting and flame arrester functions.

The conservation vent portion of the unit features diaphragms that are cushion seated and constructed of FEP Teflon for reliability and extended service life. This contributes to high resistance to adhesion of ice and gum formations of the pallet and its seating surfaces. The body of the valve is self­draining and drip rings keep condensation from the seating surfaces.

FM approved, the flame arrester contains a unitized tube bank. The tube bank is formed by spirally winding alternate flat and corrugated sheet stock around a solid core, maximizing flow capacity and minimizing pressure drop. This proven design insures uniformity of free area flow and allows for years of dependable service.

Quick access to the flame arrester element is attained through use of swing bolts and a hinged conservation vent. Once the wing nuts are loosened, the bolts swing away and the vent lifts clear, the flame arrester element can be accessed for inspection and servicing.

The conservation valve is weight loaded for both vacuum and pressure venting. The conservation valve is located on top of the flame arrester body and is attached by using quick release bolts and hinge. This permits easy removal of the conservation valve for inspection and/or replacement of the flame arrester tube bank. The weather hood of the conservation valve is stainless steel.

Standard pressure and vacuum settings are 1/2 oz./sq. in. with maximum pressure settings of 24 oz./sq. in. and 5 oz./sq. in. for vacuum. Its flow capacity is certified in accordance with API standards.

Shand & Jurs Model 94560 Combination Conservation Vent and Flame Arrester is available in 2", 3" and 4" sizes with flat or raised face flanges to match drilling of ANSI 150lb. specifications. Standard construction includes lightweight cast aluminum, cast iron, cast steel and 316 stainless steel as standard. For highly corrosive and severe conditions, special materials are available. Steam jacketing is available as an option.