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Battery Powered Wireless Remote Monitoring

Instant and Reliable Data of Pressure/Vacuum Vents with WirelessHART Mesh Networking

Checking and verifying the reliability of pressure relief devices on storage tanks has long been expensive and time consuming. Traditionally, each device was periodically checked by technicians climbing the tanks and manually inspecting each device. With the L&J engineering WirelessHART solutions, these relief devices can be monitored remotely.

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Wireless Mesh Level Gauging

Advantages of Using a Battery Powered WirelessHART Adapter
Mesh capabilities allows you to bring completely wireless safety instrumentation to previously unmonitored tank accessories. Using Shand & Jurs Battery Operated WirelessHART Adapter lets you track the relief of conservation vents, emergency vents, opening of blanketing valves, flash backs registered in Flame/Detonation Arresters, and much more! This system will give you the absolute CURRENT overview of your system, without having to physically check each unit.

How Does Battery Powered Wireless Remote Monitoring Work?
A battery operated WirelessHART Adapter is mounted to the top of each tank vent which communicates to the WirelessHART Adapter mounted on neighboring tank vents. This creates a mesh that will connect to a gateway featuring WirelessHART communication protocol. Data is then transmitted to a gateway which feeds information to the MCG 7030 Touch Panel Alarm Monitor.

Data that would take hours to get, can be available quickly in a self building and sustaining mesh network, giving you real time updates on your tank equipment.

Advantages of Wireless

The principle advantage of mesh networks is their resilience. The network does not have a single point of failure giving a network greater reliability. The mesh design also does not require line of sight. If an adapter cannot be seen by the gateway, other adapters will find a path to communicate with the unseen adapter.

Benefits of Wireless Mesh Monitoring
  • Optional battery power
  • No line of sight required
  • Increased reliability with self-healing network
  • Eliminates the high cost of wire communications
  • Saves time and keeps labor costs down
  MCG 1600SFI Radar Gauge featuring Wireless Adapter
L&J WirelessHART Adapter featured with 94020 Conservation Vent (Pressure/Vacuum)

Relief Device Options For Mesh Networking

94210 Emergency Vent and Manhole Cover 94020 Conservation Vent MCG 1097 Wireless Proximity Switch 94270 Vapor Guard Tank Blanketing Valve 94406/94407 Vertical & Horizontal Inline Deflagration Flame Arresters

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