94390 Arrester Bank EZ-Out

94390 Arrester Bank EZ-Out
  • Designed to allow for easy inspection & removal of arrester tube banks

  • The Arrester Bank EZ-Out incorporates a convenient handle to allow for easy insertion & removal within the process piping

  • 316SS, Aluminum, & Steel material of construction options

  • Sizes available to accommodate

  • 2" - 24" process piping

  • Made in the USA

The 94390 Arrester Bank EZ-Out has been designed to assist plant personnel for the inspection and removal of spiral wound Flame, Deflagration & Detonation Arrester Tube Banks. The 94390 is designed for use with arresters installed in "In-Line" process piping for the Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

This design allows Operators and Maintenance personnel to reduce time and labor expenses when inspecting and replacing arrester tube banks that show increased pressure drop over time. The 94390 Arrester Bank EZ-Out can be utilized in piping that contains all manufacturers spiral wound arresters, making it a universal solution. Once the EZ-Out is removed, the tube bank can be easily removed without disturbing the piping.

94390 Arrester Bank EZ-Out