94309 Flame Arrester (Plate Element)

94309 Flame Arrester(Plate Element)
  • Easy access to element/frame without affecting piping configuration

  • Clean and inspect on site

  • High flow rates

  • Vertical or horizontal configuration

  • Industry standard dimensions

  • FM Approved

  • Optional Insulation Jackets Available

The Shand & Jurs Model 94309 quenches the flame front by cooling the flame to below its ignition temperature. The flame front enters the arrester and the flame is intercepted by the arrester element which is specifically designed to provide a precision path for the flame to follow. The flame front temperature is reduced to below the ignition point of the protected vapors. This is achieved by dissipating the heat of the flame through the arrester elements and body.

Design Features:
The Shand & Jurs 94309 Flame Arrester is designed to provide maximum fl ow of vapor or gas with minimal pressure drop. The extensive arrester element surface area also provides for superior continuous burn capability. The 94309 incorporates an advanced design, which ensures precise manufacturing of the arrester components that are critical to providing superior safety products for industry.

The 94309 design is completely passive which allows for fl ame quenching capabilities without any operational interfaces typical of active safety devices or systems. Model 94309 Flame Arresters are designed with ease of fi eld maintenance, as proven by the unique extensible arrester element. The element may be inspected and cleaned in place without disruptive piping. No jacking bolts or piping separations are necessary. The element is easily removed from the fl ame arrester housing in place, facilitating cleaning or replacement with a spare element.

The 94309 can be fitted with low point drains for removal of any condensate accumulation. A drip trap is recommended for the safe removal of the condensate.