Omnitrol - Mechanical Level Controls

Omnitrol Features

Quality Components
Jewel Pivot Bearings, Stainless Steel Trim, Ceramic Magnets, Stainless Steel Isolation Tubes, and Mercury Switches assure trouble free operation.

Capable of handling a wide variety of liquids and applications. Serving markets such as Petroleum, Chemical, Power Generation, Water and Wastewater, and applications like high and low level alarming and sump pump control.

Switching Magnets
Assure clean and positive "snap action", without risk of sticking, with a patented constantly engaged magnetic field principle. This time-proven principle transmits action from the displacer assembly to the switching actuator without the use of, springs, bellows, packing, or other mechanical devices. No arcing contacts or switch burnouts.
Omnitrol - Mechanical Level Controls

Single or dual actuators are available for each control. Switching capability on each actuator may be SPST, SPDT, DPST, or DPDT. Several types of mercury, special purpose, and microswitches are also available.

Trouble Free Service
Assured by exclusive features, unique magnetic coupling, reliable performance and low cost. Two mercury switches can be used on each actuator to provide double pole switching. All Switch actuators are mounted on the base of the control and are always in perfect alignment with the isolation tube. One lock-nut secures the control topworks to the isolation.