Retrofit Radar Level Gauging Options For Internal Floating Roof Tanks

Stilling Well Cover

Introducing The Only Radar Gauge That Includes A Special Stilling Well That Can Penetrate The Internal Floating Roof And Provide Accuracy Of 3mm.

Your options to upgrade to radar level gauging on an existing tank have been limited. You could take a tank out of service, install a dedicated stilling well and new nozzle on the fixed roof to accommodate a radar gauge. Or you could install a radar gauge on an existing gauge pole. These solutions are time consuming, expensive and carry a degree of risk ...until now.
  • The evo 2600SW includes a 1.5" NPT stilling well that mounts to the existing 1.5" NPT coupling utilized by the Float/Tape Gauge.
  • The stilling well then utilizes the existing float well on top of the Internal floating roof, and penetrates through the float well.
  • Flexible emissions sleeve is then installed around the 1.5" stilling well to prevent emissions within the vapor space. The sleeve is designed to flex even as the internal floating roof adjusts to roof movement.
Stilling Well Cover