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Overfill Protection

Recurring small product spills during product delivery or sole large overfills can result in severe safety, environmental, monetary and violation consequences for a facility. A storage tank overfill can occur during product delivery or due to internal pressure build up. L&J engineering offers customized, cost effective solutions for your overfill protection needs.

As a leader in the level gauging market, L&J engineering continues to pave the way with evolutionary products and features not found on the market. The following product offerings will assist your overfill protection and facility prevention strategy.

Learn more about how L&J engineering can assist in Overfill Protection and become compliant with API 2350.

Smart Flash Infrared Radar Gauge

Frequency Modulated Continuous Waveform

Crystal Controlled Phase Lock Loop Technology

  evo 2600 evo 2600
Radar Gauge

+/- 3mm Accuracy Standard

4-20ma Loop Powered

evo 2600SW Stilling Well Adapter evo 2600SW
Stilling Well Adapter

Easily Replaces Float & Tape Gauges

Tank Specific Adapter Lengths

  MCG 7030 Touch Panel Alarm Monitor MCG 7030
Touch Panel Alarm Monitor

True self-testing capabilities

Meets EPA high level alarm requirements

MCG 1096 Level Alarm Probe MCG 1096
Wireless Level Alarm System

Wireless Communication

Reliable protection due to simplified mechanics

  MCG 1090 Level Alarm Probe MCG 1090
Level Alarm Probe

Industry's Only True Complete Self-Testing Level Alarm Probe

Meets State Fire Codes for Independent Alarms

MCG 1095 Level Alarm Probe

MCG 1095
Wireless Level Alarm Probe

Wireless Communication

Industry's Only True Complete Self-Testing Wireless Level Alarm

  MCG 7000 High Level / Overfill Alarm System MCG 7000
Alarm Monitor

Independent Alarm System

Meets EPA High Level Alarm Requirements


L&J Wireless Mesh Level Gauging

API 2350: Overfill Protection

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