Intelligent Field Interface Card (IFIC)

L&J engineering Intelligent Field Interface Card (IFIC)  
Intelligent Field Interface Card (IFIC) Diagnostics
Intelligent Field Interface Card (IFIC) Trending
The MCG 3905 System Displays shown above can be communicated via the IFIC with a marginal software upgrade adder to existing or new MCG 3905 Systems.

The Intelligent Field Interface Card is a seamless upgrade to the existing FIC's currently installed in the L&J Field Interface Racks, with the benefit of communicating critical field data to the MCG 3900 Gauging System.
  • Generates Less Heat

  • More Energy Efficient

  • Increased Reliability

  • Field Voltage is Selectable

  • Max Field Current is Selectable

  • Integrated ON/OFF Switch

  • TX/RX LED's Show Field Activity

  • Integral OLED Display Features:
    • IFIC Temperature
    • Raw Input Voltage
    • Field Output Voltage
    • Field Current Output. Increases in current may indicate field wiring and/or moisture problems
    • Displays 5 Volt Supply
    • IFIC Address
    • L&J Tankway Voltage

  • All of the values listed above can be communicated and displayed on the L&J MCG 3900 Gauging System via the On-Board Microprocessor.


Field Voltage:
Field Current:
Over Current:
Selectable 50v, 60v, 70v
Selectable 1A, 1.25A, 1.5A