Intelligent Field Interface Card (IFIC)

L&J engineering Intelligent Field Interface Card (IFIC)  
Local Display
Typical Remote MCG 3900 Inventory Management System Display

The Intelligent Field Interface Card is a seamless upgrade to the existing FIC's currently installed in the L&J Field Interface Racks. Part Number 820063.
  • Generates Less Heat

  • More Energy Efficient

  • Increased Reliability

  • Field Voltage is Selectable

  • Max Field Current is Selectable

  • Integrated ON/OFF Switch

  • TX/RX LED's Show Field Activity

  • Integral OLED Display Features:
    • IFIC Temperature
    • Raw Input Voltage
    • Field Output Voltage
    • Field Current Output. Increases in current may indicate field wiring and/or moisture problems
    • Displays 5 Volt Supply
    • IFIC Address
    • L&J Tankway Voltage

  • All of the values listed above can be communicated and displayed on the L&J MCG 3900 Gauging System via the On-Board Microprocessor.


Field Voltage:
Field Current:
Over Current:
Selectable 50v, 60v, 70v
Selectable 1A, 1.25A, 1.5A