MCG 3905 WINGauge Inventory Management System

L&J engineering MCG 3900 Inventory Management System
  • Customizable Graphic User Interface

  • Multi-Loop / Multi-Protocol / Multi-Vendor

  • Monitors up to 1000 tanks on 32 loops

  • Multi-server / Multi-client / Multi-field

  • Supports L&J S.M.A.R.T Diagnostics

  • Supports L&J Intelligent Field Interface

  • Supports Non L&J Gauges & Protocols

  • Wireless Mesh Level Gauging Compatible

The L&J engineering WINGauge Version 5 Inventory Management System is the latest in a long line of tank gauging and inventory control products from L&J Technologies, Inc. As a state of the art Microsoft Windows application, WINGauge offers multi-protocol, multi-loop, real-time gauging of storage tanks, covering the entire spectrum of storage facilities.

Version 5 was developed with flexibility in mind and the end user can easily customize and fine tune the visual displays with WINGauge's Dynamic Form Generator, customize printed reports with the Dynamic Report Generator, and easily set up field and host communication to products from multiple vendors. Advanced high-performance client/server technology and high-reliability redundant-server configurations are available off the shelf, as well as numerous database, interfacing and external connectivity features.