MCG 3800 Inventory Control System (UNIX)

L&J engineering MCG 3800 Inventory Control System (UNIX)
  • Handles up to 1024 tanks and 64 independent operator stations

  • Capabilities for complete gauging and SCADA

  • Unlimited remote terminals via ethernet

The MCG 3800 is an extremely powerful and versatile standalone computer, utilizing multiprocessors and dual ported memory to provide a fully distributed multi-tasking, multi-user system. The system hardware and software are designed and implemented in-house to provide consistent logic and ease of operation, as well as the versatility to meet exact customer requirements.

Based on a powerful Intel CPU, the minimum MCG 3800 System is configured with 512 MB RAM, an Intelligent Peripheral Controller (IPC), up to 8 client stations, and 8 field ports capable of handling up to 1024 field devices (gauges, transmitters, RTU's, etc.). This minimum configuration provides more than enough computing power for the majority of applications, however additional expansions can still be made simply by adding plug-in boards to the system buss.

The use of vectored interrupts, and multi-processors enables simultaneous multiple access into the computer by independent operator stations. UNIX is the heart of this true multi-tasking capability, as well as the Intelligent Peripheral Controller. The IPC operates completely independent from the main CPU. Simultaneous I/O requests are processed, appropriate interrupts are issued, and data is buffered all without tying up the main processor.

For data acquisition or process control, the MCG 3800 can be combined with the MCG 4000 RTU, and the L&J SCADA applications software. This provides an extremely powerful SCADA system with dual processors, and a turnkey software package that is versatile enough to allow the customer to build or modify his own functions if the requirements arise. The MCG 3800 is the most comprehensive tank gauging, data acquisition, and complete inventory management and control system available today.