MCG 3200 Field Interface

L&J engineering MCG 3200 Field Interface
  • Flexible Data Interface

  • Reliable Field Signal Conversions

  • Greater Data Security

Standard Configuration
The MCG 3200 Field Interface Card Enclosure is a powerful, flexible interface that accepts data from standard serial devices via TTL, current loop, RS232C, or RS 485 and outputs Tankway regulated field power and proper signal voltage levels. Moreover, since each field wiring branch can be isolated using the MCG 3200, a complete cable failure in one branch will not affect the remaining branches.

The MCG 3200 will also protect control room equipment from receiving misapplied power due to improper field wiring. The control room equipment is also protected against transient voltages from the field because of built-in surge suppression circuitry.

The MCG 3200 provides a 4-wire data highway for each field. Each FIC board has the capability of providing power and communication for up to 128 field devices (gauges, transmitters, RTU's etc). In addition to its standard use in the L&J system, the MCG 3200 can also be configured for other special applications. With the addition of "Intelligent Personality Boards," the MCG 3200 can perform calculations, conversions, and signal conditioning functions independent of the main CPU.

Intelligent Configuration
Other intelligent options allow the MCG 3200 Series to provide power and communication to L&J field devices, and an RS232 port using ASCII protocol for communication with a non L&J host computer. This allows the customer to integrate L&J field devices into an existing SCADA system without the cost of an additional computer. The intelligent MCG 3200 series can also be configured to communicate with non L&J gauges and field devices. This allows the customer to upgrade to an L&J system without replacing all of the existing gauges and field devices.