MCG 2350 Average Temperature Converter

L&J engineering Model MCG 2420 Transmitter
  • High Accuracy (+/-0.5°F) Temperature Measurement

  • Temperature Averaging

  • Temperature Conversions

The MCG 2350 is a stand-alone average temperature converter. Accepting its input from an average temperature probe with up to 14 elements, the unit multiplexes these inputs to give a digital output that corresponds to the product temperature. The MCG 2350 is available in two resolution ranges (0.1° C and 0.01° C). The housing is an explosion proof enclosure and includes a critical intrinsic safety (I.S.) barrier, allowing for the use of either explosion proof probes or I.S. probes. The MCG 2350 is normally connected directly to other L&J Engineering models via a serial connection, to give the transmitter average temperature capabilities. The MCG 2350 is UL/C-UL and ATEX/CENELEC Approved.

Includes: Explosion Proof Housing with intrinsically safe outputs for MCG 350/351. Compatible with the following MCG Series gauges and transmitters:

MCG 1500SFI Servo Gauge MCG 2000MAX Transmitter
MCG 1600SFI Radar Gauge