MCG 2150 Remote Calibrator

L&J engineering MCG MCG 2150 Remote Calibrator
  • Field calibration without wires

  • Field programming without wires

  • Reduced start-up time

  • Ideal for explosive environments

With the MCG 2150 Remote Calibrator, setup, programming and calibration become a matter of "remote control." When used with any of the L&J gauging products (with Infrared Pickup), this compact intrinsically safe wireless unit allows the operator to access, view, and change programming data without ever removing the explosion proof housing. It is simply a matter of standing within ten (10) feet of the readout and pressing the entry keypad.

This battery powered unit requires no physical coupling to the gauge. In addition, the MCG 2150 Handheld Calibrator is UL and ATEX/CENELEC approved for intrinsically safe operation.

The MCG 2150 Handheld, infrared unit communicates with the following:

MCG 1200M Analog/Digital Transmitter
MCG 1350M Ground Level Display
MCG 1500SFI Servo Gauge
MCG 2000MAX Transmitter
MCG 1600SFI Radar Gauge
evo 2600 Radar Gauge
MCG 1600SFI Radar Gauge Conar Antenna