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MCG 1800 Process Radar Gauge

MCG 1800 Process Radar Gauge
  • Microwave Pulse Radar Technology

  • 6.3 GHz Low Frequency Loop Powered Radar

  • FM and ATEX Approved

  • Ultra Low Power

  • Local Display With IR Programmability

  • Analog 4-20mA and Digital HART Outputs

  • Calibration Via MCG 2150 Remote Calibrator or HART Handheld

  • Antennas Tailored for Specific Applications

Process Radar
The MCG1800F is a non-contact, loop powered pulse radar level gauge employing L&J's state of the art Infrared technology. It is ideally suited for all process industries including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, water and waste water treatment, food and beverage and refining, among others. It is the preferred alternative to other level devices which are less reliable and demand maintenance. An on-board program "wizard" simplifies calibration and walks the operator through five easy interactive steps.

Infrared Capability
L&J engineering's patented Infrared technology provides the ability to setup, calibrate, diagnose and maintain the MCG 1800F by using the intrinsically safe L&J engineering MCG 2150 Remote Calibrator along with the local or remote LCD display with infrared pickup.

All Environments
The 1800F withstands corrosive, caustic, acidic, or any other harsh environment. Different antenna configurations accommodate various process parameters like surface conditions, measuring distance, dielectric constant of product, and internal obstructions.

Multiple Protocol
The standard unit provides a 2-wire 4-20mA output. Optional outputs include L&J Tankway, HART, Profibus, and Fieldbus. Other protocols are also available.

Optional temperature inputs and relay outputs are available.

Ground Level Display
Ground level display is available which provides full calibration and programming functionality. This eliminates the need to access the radar gauge by providing an identical display at a convenient location for facility personnel.

Liquid level gauging of virtually any corrosive, contaminated or viscous product including: oil, chemicals, gasoline, polyethylene, tar, molten sulfur, phosgene, pharmaceuticals, latex, paraffin, titanium dioxide, cryogenic or liquefied gases, limestone rock, chocolate, and molten aluminum

Liquid level gauging of virtually any corrosive, contaminated or viscous product including:
Oil Chemicals Gasoline Paraffin Limestone Rock
Tar Molten Sulfur Phosgene Pharmaceutical Base Products Chocolate
Latex Polyethylene Titanium Dioxide Cryogenic or Liquefied Gases Molten Aluminum