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MCG 1097 Wireless Proximity Switch

L&J engineering Model MCG 1096 Wireless Level Alarm System
  • Pressure/Vacuum Relief Indication

  • Transmits Switch & Battery Status

  • Completely Wireless Operation

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Extended Life Lithium Battery

Reliable Protection
In this new age of always wanting more information, L&J Engineering now offers a way to monitor when tank vents are relieving. Our MCG 1097 Wireless Proximity Switch can send a signal to notify the operator when a pressure device is relieving. This valuable information can be monitored and tracked. The instant reliable data will prove to be an asset that avoids the hassle of guess work and a saving of both time and money.

Battery Powered
The MCG 1097 needs no wires at all. It contains a small lithium battery which will power the unit for at least one year. Using L&J proprietary algorithms, it instantaneously sends back any alarm conditions as well as continually checking battery conditions. If the battery should get low or any other abnormal condition should occur, it will immediately notify the host MCG 7030 Touch Panel Alarm Monitor.

Remote Data Acquisition
For a complete monitoring system the MCG 1097 is coupled to the MCG 7030 Touch Panel Alarm Monitor. The MCG 7030 has a 15" display which gives you a wide range of information on the screen, all accessible at your fingertips.

Pallet Lift Switch and Battery Status from the MCG 1097 can be displayed as well as Level Switch detection and Battery Status from the MCG 1095 Level Alarm Probe.

This information can then be transmitted to an external host system such as a PLC or DCS.