MCG 1096 Wireless Level Alarm System

L&J engineering Model MCG 1096 Wireless Level Alarm System
  • Wireless communication

  • Reliable protection due to simplified mechanics

  • Includes Probe Checker

  • Relay Options Available

Reliable Protection
The MCG 1096 Wireless High Level Alarm System brings high technology to over fill protection. In keeping with the L&J tradition, the MCG 1096 has gone a step further than the competition in providing high reliability and low maintenance. The MCG 1096 offers the most reliable protection available against dangerous and costly over fills.

Battery Operation
The MCG 1096 needs no wires at all. It contains a Lithium battery which will totally power the unit. Using L&J proprietary algorithms, it instantaneously sends back any alarm conditions as well as continually checking battery conditions and probe electronics. If the battery should get low or any other abnormal condition, it will immediately notify the host.

Control Console
The control console includes relay outputs that trigger on an alarm event. Also, the console is equipped with a buzzer, LED's and an acknowledge button to silence the alarm. The system periodically checks for communication with the probe and, if communication is lost, alerts the user.