31560 Photoelectric Textile Sensor

GPE 31560 Photoelectric Textile Sensor
  • High Sensitivity: Angular light path design detects better than .005" of lateral web displacement and follows even the sheerest textile

  • High Accuracy: Maximum gain over a proportioned range plus high-speed response with stability from a hydraulic controller; provides the most accurate tenter following system available

  • Simplified Installation: Pre-wired sensor requires only connection to a controller. Compact size

The Model 31560 Edge Guide Sensor is designed primarily for use on pin and clip tenter frames. The sensor detects the edge of the material and transmits an electrical signal to the Dynaguide* Electrohydraulic Controller. The hydraulic controller in turn actuates the hydraulic cylinder positioning the tenter rail.

For sensor operation with the Dynaguide Electrohydraulic Controller, the Model 33130D Digital Controller (or 33130 Analog Webguide Controller) is required.

The Model 31560 Edge Guide Sensor (used with Dynaguide) continuously senses the web position with a light beam directed at a cadmium sulfide cell, whose resistance is directly proportional to the amount of light falling on its surface.