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Shand & Jurs’ 94520 Emergency Vent Combination Unit with Pressure & Vacuum Relief Vent

Hillside, IL — March 23rd, 2012 — Shand & Jurs, a leader in tank gauging and tank protection equipment, has designed a special 94520 Emergency Vent & Manhole Cover with Hood for API/ANSI roof manholes.

When additional pressure relief is required, the 94520 provides emergency pressure venting and also provides vacuum relief when the tank requires outside air. The 94520 Emergency Vent is not intended to meet requirements of explosion relief, but is designed to relieve excessive internal pressure as well as manhole access. This model provides a pressure port and a 5 1/4 diameter vacuum port. It uses a patented, magnetic latch system that provides greater flow capacities than conventional weight loaded vents on the pressure side. It also provides for 100% opening at set pressure with no overpressure required. The magnetic latching principle eliminates loading weights required by conventionally loaded vents.

Shand & Jurs 94520
This special emergency vent is suitable for high pressure applications and for the chemical industry. It is also a perfect solution for tanks with limited access points and tanks that only have enough space for one emergency vent.


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