Reduce Emissions, Save Money.

94640 Pilot Valve / Vacuum Vent 94640 Pilot Valve / 94110 Vacuum Vent
  • Bubble Tight to Set Pressure Pilot Valve Technology allowing for a significant reduction in emissions.

  • Full Flow @ 10% Overpressure.

  • Greater Flow Characteristics allowing for reduced sizing compared to conventional weight and spring loaded pressure relief valves.

  • Setting options of inches WC to 15 PSIG allowing for one valve for the entire low pressure range.

  • Minimal effect of Backpressure and Negative Pressure in closed vent systems compared to conventional pressure relief valves.

  • Modulating or Snap action operation to meet specific relief applications.

  • Test in Place capability with Field Test Kit.

  • Modular Construction allows for a Pressure/Vacuum Configuration; Pressure Only/Vacuum only.

  • Adjustable Vacuum Settings.

  • Variety of soft goods available for severe service applications.

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Principle of Operation:

    94640 Pilot Operated Relief Valve (Pressure Diaphragm Pilot)
The Shand & Jurs Pilot Operated Relief Valve is designed to meet very specific pressure needs. The high accuracy of the valve allows the pressure to be set between .11 to 15 psig using individual springs for discrete ranges.
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    94110 Vacuum Vent
The function of the Shand & Jurs Vacuum Vent is to relieve vacuum conditions in liquid product storage tanks, and also withstand the pressure of the stored product when not operating under a vacuum. Setting can be adjusted.
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